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The Website is owned, managed and maintained by Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before you view the Website. By using the Website and/or its services, you hereby explicitly and willfully agree to accept the terms and conditions. If you refuse to accept the terms and conditions herein contained, please do not use this Website.

1. Website Use

All the information and data shown on the website of Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is solely for individual purposes via personal computers. The statements regarding the intellectual property rights and other ownerships of the contents and information displayed on the website shall be fully respected and maintained in its copies. The absence of statements of copyrights or any other rights concerned regarding certain contents does not deprive the Company of its corresponding rights endowed by the applicable laws of the People's Republic of China; nor does it constitute a waiver of rights or provisions under the applicable laws. You should respect the legitimate rights and interests of the website contents and use them legally and reasonably in the principle of sincerity. No modifications in any form, and no reproduction, public display, announcement and release or distribution of the contents, data, and information contained in the Website are allowed. Nor can the contents of the Website be used for public release or for commercial purposes in any other form whatsoever that will occur. None of these contents, data, and information displayed in this Website can be used in any other websites, graphic media, network terminals or computers. Without prior written authorization by the Company, no contents contained in the Website or the materials of a third party are allowed to mirror or link to any other servers or Internet devices. All the contents and editing forms contained in this Website are subject to legal protection under the applicable laws of the People's Republic of China. Any use of the Website and its contents without prior written authorization might constitute infringement of intellectual property rights and other legal rights of the Company. If you refuse to accept or violate the foregoing agreements in any form, the Company is eligible to discontinue its authorization to you for the website use automatically, in which case you are bound to destroy any contents, data or information that are downloaded or printed from the Company immediately.

2. Information Release

All the information provided in the Website does not constitute warrant or representation in any form regarding the merchantability, suitability for any specific purposes or non-infringement of intellectual property rights. Besides, the Company does not warrant the absolute accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the Website. All the contents, data, and information including the briefs of products, pricelists, and specifications and parameters can be altered without notice. All the contents might be out of date and the Company will not undertake legally binding commitments to the timeliness and updating of the contents contained and provided by the Website. Some information released on the Website might be concerned with products, procedures or services not available locally. Please contact the local business representatives or agents for more information.

3. Users' Submission

All the materials, data, information or contact details provided, sent or mailed to the Website by users (hereinafter collectively referred to as information) other than those for personal identification are deemed to be non-confidential and non proprietary. The Company will not undertake any obligation regarding the information. Meanwhile, in case that no explicit and particular statements are made concerning the information during its submission, it is regarded as consent to (or authorization of) the following: the Company and its authorized are eligible to reproduce, disclose, distribute, compound and use in other forms all the information, data, images, audio files, texts and other contents for the commercial or non-commercial purposes. By using the Website and its services, you hereby agree to abide by the applicable laws, rules, regulations and the standards of public morality. You are forbidden to mail or send any data of illegal nature or containing any contents or materials that are considered threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, and pornographic or otherwise potentially illegal. Where any person concerned raise any warning or objection regarding the contents and influence with solid evidence, the Website is entitled to delete the information or discontinue the online review of the information permanently without having to obtain the prior consent from the submitters, in which case the Website is also not obliged to inform the submitters of the relevant information afterwards. The Website is eligible to delete the users' account if necessary.

4. Exchange of Information

The Company is not responsible for the supervision or review of the information sent or mailed to the website by users or the communications made by and among users concerning any fields whatsoever the case might be, including but not limited to those conducted in chat rooms, billboards, or other users' forums. The Company does not assume any responsibility for the contents of communications as mentioned in Article 4 of this Announcement regardless of whether they might cause issues of libelous, privacy-violation or pornographic nature. The Company reserves its right to delete the information that is, fully or partially, insulting, libelous, pornographic or improperly expressed without prior notice.

5. Use of Downloaded Software

When downloading software from the Website, you are bound to abide by all the terms and conditions herein contained in the software license terms. No downloading or installation of the software is allowed before you carefully read and accept all the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

6. Links to a Third Party's Website

All the links to a third party's website is provided as a service of convenience for you. By using these links, you are leaving the Website and suspending the use of the Website and/or its services. The Website has never reviewed any website of a third party and therefore has no control nor assumes any responsibility regarding these websites or their services. Your act of visiting any third party's website linked with the Website is considered as your willingness and determination to assume all the consequences and risks hereby caused.

7. Limitation of Liability

The Company, and its suppliers or any other third party that are mentioned in the Website is not liable for any damage (including but not limited to the damages caused by the loss of profits or data or losses occurred due to the suspension of business and services), regardless of whether these damages are caused directly or indirectly by the use or non-use of the Website, other websites that are linked to the Website and/or information herein contained in the websites as mentioned above, in which case there might or not be warrants, contracting terms and conditions, infringement behaviors or any other legal basis or any prior warning regarding the occurrence of the foregoing damages. With regard to maintenance, repair, modification or correction of equipments, devices or data that are caused by your use of the Website and/or its services, you shall be fully aware that you are bound to assume all the costs and expenses hereby caused. The Company is not liable for any responsibly under the following circumstances:

The transmission of information is initiated by persons other than the Internet services provider (the Company and its authorized);

The transmission, routing, link provision and storage of the information are realized through automatic technical implementation process without the Internet services provider's prior selection and filtering;

The Internet services provider does not select or filter the providers and receivers of information except for the automatic request responses made to others; Under normal circumstances, the system of the Internet services providers or intermediary network or the copies formed by temporary storage of information are not acquired by persons other than the designated receivers; nor the reservation time is long enough for the designated receivers to acquire the information via transmission, routing or connections necessary within a reasonable time; and

The information is intact through the system or network transmission.

8. General Principles

The Company is eligible to modify these terms and conditions at any time. You are suggested to view this web page from time to time to understand the updated causes as they are closely related to your use of the Website and/or its services. Some of the terms and conditions herein contained might be replaced by the legal notice or causes explicitly expressed on the web pages of the Website.

9. All the disputes caused by this Announcement or the use of the Website shall be governed by the applicable laws of the People's Republic of China.

10. All the disputes caused by this Announcement or the use of the Website shall be resolved through friendly and mutual consultations. In case such consultations fail, the disputes might be submitted to the law court which has jurisdiction over where the Company is located.

11. The Company has the right to interpret the Announcement regarding all its terms and conditions, and the use of the Website.