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Meida shares held the 13th Employee Sports Meeting

On the afternoon of November 9th, the 13th Employee Sports Meeting of Meida Co., Ltd. kicked off in Xinhui Gymnasium. This year is a fun sports meeting with the theme of "We exercise, we are healthy; We participate, and we are happy". On the sports field, under the banners of "Inherit the sportsmanship in happiness, and show Meda's style in the competition", "Creating the first to be the first, standing on the post to be the pacesetter", the torchbearers and the flag guard team were vigorous. Pace led 14 sports teams composed of various departments and entities of Mida through the rostrum and shouted their competitive slogans vigorously. This was also a major review of the combat effectiveness of Mida employees. In the competitions of 5 collective events, the athletes were gearing up, fighting spirit, and aggressive, showing the spirit of teamwork; cheerleaders outside the field cheered and cheered, and the sense of collective honor was unprecedented.

Meida held parent-child activities to celebrate "June 1" Happy Family Day

To celebrate Children’s Day, on the morning of June 2nd, Meida Labor Union held a Happy Family Fun Day parent-child activity at Xinhui Longquan Hotel, allowing employees to accompany their children outside of work and experience the fun of interactive activities. .

The company organizes women workers "March 8" festival activities

From March 7th, Meida organized more than 600 female employees in 4 batches to visit Guangzhou Changlong Xiangjiang Wildlife World, Zhaoqing Qixing Rock and Dinghu Mountain to celebrate this great festival of women compatriots.

Meida 2019 celebrates the "May 1st" employee karaoke contest

"My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment, no matter where I go, there is a hymn..." The loud singing voice echoed for a long time. On the evening of April 26, the Mida Joint Stock Trade Union was in the company's second floor conference hall. An employee karaoke contest with the theme "Singing Life, Singing Good" was held to pay tribute to the workers on the occasion of the "May 1st International Labor Day", to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and to sing the good life in the new era Show the spirit of Mida workers and create a harmonious corporate culture.

Meida Labor Union held "Flying Dreams and Sailing in 2019" Employees Welcome New Year Activity

On December 25th and 30th, 2018, in the scenic Shijian Park, the Meida Trade Union organized a New Year celebration for employees with the theme "Flying Dreams, Sailing in 2019". More than 600 employees participated in the two-day event. On the wish wall, the employees wrote down their New Year wishes and blessings. In game activities such as "Happiness Map", "Friendship Passing", and "Heart to Heart", the employees competed to compete on the arena and were extremely excited to play. The relationship between them was further harmonized and the cohesion of the team was enhanced. Finally, in the majestic slogan of "Fly your dreams! Come on Mida! Happy New Year!", hundreds of balloons flew into the sky with the blessings of the majority of employees, wishing: Mida's business is prosperous and the employees have a happy life!

Our company organizes professional mentality and team development training for college students

In order to guide new college students to a good work attitude, exercise their teamwork and interpersonal communication skills, and cultivate their sense of belonging to the enterprise. From December 3rd to 4th, 2018, the Human Resources Center held a period of professional mentality and team development training for new college students. Through career planning guidance, excellent college students' work experience sharing, and one-day outreach training program, the 23 newly recruited college students have been trained in communication and cooperation.

The company held the second badminton team competition

On November 3, 2018, the company held the second session of Meida Badminton Team Competition, after a fierce round-robin tournament. In the end, Xinjin Technology Alliance won the first place, Fiber New Material Company won the second place, Polymer Material Company won the third place, and the political alliance team and the financial team won the prize.

This "March 8" festival, we will visit Lingnan Xintiandi

In March, spring breeze brings warmth. On this sunny and spring day, Meida organized more than 600 female employees in four groups to visit the Shunde Museum and Foshan Lingnan Xintiandi for a day. During the event, the ladies felt the charm of the strong Lingnan architectural culture, and were attracted by many culturally fashionable and gourmet shops. They all said: There is food and fun, this "March 8" festival is too much. Makes sense.

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