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Human Resource Center

Talent policy


Talent is the first capital of MEDA. We adhere to the "people-oriented" management of staff, promote team spirit, and strive to create a harmonious and positive working atmosphere and environment, so as to attract excellent technical, management and marketing talents to join us. We will reuse the talents who have a high sense of dedication, responsibility, mission and identity, and are willing to share weal and woe with the enterprise.


"Give you a space to play." ——Meida's commitment to human resource development.


In the process of human resource development, we insist on creating a fair, just and open atmosphere, establishing a set of training mechanism to give full play to individual potential, so as to provide everyone with development space for full realization of self-worth. In Meida, no matter you are an ordinary worker or a general technician, and no matter what position you are in, as long as you have real talents and learn real skills, you may become the talents that the company attaches great importance to. One of the most important factors that make Meida develop to today's scale is that Meida always regards talents as the foundation of enterprise development and always gives talents a broad sky to fly. "Love, use and nurture talents" is the principle metda abides by. The talent competition mechanism of Meida is "the capable go up, the average let go, the mediocre go down". "Career retention, interest retention, emotion retention" is the consistent policy of "building a nest to attract Phoenix".


"Let the happiness of employees fly for a while" -- the promise of talent incentive mechanism of Meida.


Meida's talent incentive measures are very specific. In terms of household registration, salary income, housing, welfare and other aspects, it has greatly inclined to high-tech and high-quality talents. It has set up salary modules for administration, technology, sales and technicians, implements the diversification of salary structure, and fully excavates and exerts the enthusiasm of internal employees. Let Meida staff have a sense of happiness all the time.


"High quality talents, scientific management" -- the policy of talent management mechanism of Meida.


In order to implement the company's talent strategy, the company will adhere to the following principles, improve the company's rules and regulations, and standardize the code of conduct of employees, so as to improve work efficiency:


1. Implement a scientific incentive assessment system. On the one hand, the general principle of determining posts and staffing is that on the premise of the total salary approved by the company, each unit shall make corresponding job increase and decrease and salary arrangement according to the functional adjustment. On the other hand, formulate scientific, detailed and operable evaluation methods. Up to the company leaders, down to ordinary employees, are placed in the center of the assessment. Through the establishment of a new job manual, setting up key positions, increasing the weight of performance pay and other measures, the gap of income distribution has been widened, which truly reflects that personal income, position promotion and work performance are closely linked.


2. All posts are open to employees, and employees compete for posts;


3. Carry out comprehensive target cost management with clear rewards and punishments;


4. Set up a special reward fund to reward the outstanding contributors every year;


5. Implement project system in product development;


6. Create learning conditions for employees, provide training opportunities, and encourage employees to make progress.


7. The implementation of hierarchical authorization management mode makes the responsibilities, rights and interests of managers at all levels more closely combined.


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