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Social responsibility

Business ethics

"Create value for customers, create wealth for shareholders, create benefits for employees, and create prosperity for society" is our tenet. In the process of carrying out the brand strategy for many years, we also realize that only by taking good care of the goodwill of the enterprise as well as taking good care of its own eyes can the company win the trust of customers and realize our vision finally.
Over the years, Meida has never engaged in illegal competition in business activities and firmly abides by business ethics, which has been highly praised by governments at all levels, industry associations and credit institutions. The company has won the following Awards: Guangdong customer satisfaction Enterprise (Guangdong user committee), Guangdong credit demonstration enterprise (Guangdong Enterprise Federation), national quality and reputation keeping public satisfaction unit (China Quality and reputation Supervision Association), international settlement trustworthy enterprise (industrial and Commercial Bank of China Guangdong Branch), AAA credit enterprise (China Chemical Fiber Industry Association) and AAA + quality The company has the following honorary titles: quantity credit enterprise (China Quality Credit Evaluation Center), and 22 consecutive years of contract abiding and credit abiding enterprise (Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce).
In addition, in recent years, the company has also focused on the long-term, strengthened the integration of the industrial chain, and established a strategic cooperation mechanism of mutual benefit, win-win and risk sharing with upstream and downstream partners, so as to disperse the business risks of upstream and downstream enterprises and ensure the long-term prosperity of the entire industrial chain. These measures reflect our understanding and practice of business ethics.
Looking forward to the future, it is still a long way to go to realize the vision of "building a world-class nylon industry enterprise", which will inevitably encounter many difficulties and obstacles. However, in any case, we will firmly abide by our own corporate responsibility and make solid progress towards this great vision step by step.

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