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Won the title of Guangdong cleaner production enterprise

Since 2005, the company has carried out cleaner production audit in an all-round way, including 145 non low cost schemes and 16 medium and high cost schemes, with an investment of 108.02 million yuan and economic benefits of 57.43 million yuan / year. Through the implementation of water-saving, power saving, reducing packaging materials, raw materials consumption and other measures to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, over fulfilled the "Eleventh Five Year" energy-saving goals, achieved good results in improving environmental performance, and earnestly fulfilled the social responsibility of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Since 2007, it has been recognized as "Guangdong Province cleaner production enterprise" and "advanced unit of energy conservation in Jiangmen City" .

Passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification

The company's environmental policy is: abide by laws and regulations, control pollution, save resources; according to the requirements of ISO14001 environmental management system, the company has established the company's environmental standard system, through the effective control of pollution sources in the production process, to achieve the discharge of pollutants up to standard; through the improvement of technology and equipment, reduce the consumption of energy and data, reduce the impact on the environment; through The classified treatment and recycling of waste can prevent and control pollution, reduce costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

It is listed as the pilot unit of circular economy in Guangdong Province

In this project, the extraction water concentrate of all polymerization production lines of the company and the concentrated liquid of other waste water containing monomer are gathered as the main raw materials, so as to build a world's most advanced high-pressure atmospheric pressure two-stage polymerization of 65 tons / day with full recovery and no slag discharge. The production of nylon 6 engineering plastic chips can fundamentally eliminate the need for recovery of extraction water in traditional nylon 6 production process In order to produce oligomer residue and a large amount of waste water and other environmental problems, the material consumption and energy consumption of the product are greatly reduced, and the economic and environmental benefits are achieved. Therefore, the company is listed as a pilot unit of circular economy in Guangdong Province.

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