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Enterprise development, people first. In order to build a first-class enterprise and a century old foundation, we must have a first-class staff team to realize the common and sustainable development of enterprises and employees.
Meida has been making every effort to build an innovative and learning enterprise, so that enterprises and employees can make progress together. The whole staff training mechanism is a platform for employees to grow.
Credit card management
The company implements credit card management, and different levels of employees need to participate in different training contents and times. The records of employees participating in the training will be an important part of the annual assessment. If the employee fails to complete the required credits, the annual performance appraisal can not be rated as grade B or above. Credit card management makes the training work institutionalized, standardized and normalized
Personnel training and development
Talent is the first productive force. The company implements the management system of professional and technical post appointment and technician qualification identification, and encourages employees to grow up in multiple development channels.
Re education promotion
The company and Donghua University set up the Donghua Meida engineering master's program, increasing the number of students each year according to a certain proportion, determining each trainee's training tutor and research topic, and cultivating more top-notch science and technology leaders. We should carry out re education of professional knowledge, career planning of college students and training plan of reserve talents, develop multi-channel training resources, regularly organize open courses and online training, and implement the evaluation mechanism of cadre promotion training.
All staff training
Encourage employees to take part in self-study examination, correspondence education, radio and TV University and other corresponding professional further education in their spare time. The company also organized grass-roots staff "technical training", and carried out all staff training and competition.
Training audit
The company conducts training audit on all departments and workshops of the whole company every month to check the training courses, quality, number of trainees, training teachers, training effect, staff assessment and so on. After the training, the trainees are organized to fill in the "trainee Opinion Questionnaire" to evaluate the trainer's ability and training activities.
The company breaks the wage rigidity, strengthens the wage elasticity, through the performance appraisal, causes the staff's income to be closely combined with the company's performance and the individual's performance, stimulates the staff's enthusiasm; opens many post rank channels, the staff of different posts have the same promotion opportunity.
Welfare incentive:
Regular travel
The company organizes employees to travel once a year to let them feel the beauty of the motherland after working. In addition, the annual advanced employees and operation experts are given travel rewards, so that each advanced employee's hard work over the past year is recognized.
Annual Checkup
"Health is the capital of revolution". The company pays close attention to the physical condition of employees and organizes employees to have regular physical examination every year.
High temperature allowance
"In hot summer, passion does not diminish.". The company is considerate of the employees' hard work in high temperature environment and stipulates to pay special high temperature allowance in high temperature month.
Shuttle bus transfer
The company has a spacious and comfortable factory bus to pick up and send off every hard-working employee, which is time-saving and safe.
Open communication
"Speaking freely" is one of the cultures of MEDA. As long as employees have appeals or suggestions, they can be directly reflected to the senior management through the general manager's mailbox, mailbox or the general manager's reception and interview, and the general manager will reply in person to solve the problem.
Mobile Library
In order to create a cultural atmosphere of "scholarly enterprise", the company carries out in-depth reading activities for all staff, and sets up "staff mobile library" every week, so that the staff of Meida can feel the smell of books all the time.

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