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37.5® temperature and humidity controlled antibacterial nylon was included in the Guangdong Consumer Goods Supply Guide Catalog

Give full play to the role of industry associations, and actively guide the industry to implement the "three-product" strategy of increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands. After voluntary declaration by enterprises, recommendation by local and municipal industry and information departments and relevant industry associations, and expert review, Mida 37.5® temperature and humidity control Antibacterial nylon fibers: 40D/12F; 40D/34F; 70D/68F, 37.5® antibacterial nylon fabrics are listed in the "Guangdong Consumer Goods Supply Guide (third batch)" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, protective equipment and others product list. 37.5® antibacterial nylon filament has permanent antibacterial and temperature and humidity control functions. The functional materials are natural, safe and environmentally friendly. The fabric produced by it not only has antibacterial function, but also enhances the human body’s wearing comfort. It has a lower microclimate absolute humidity. It has lower heat peak when worn for a long time. It is reported that a total of 369 products are included in the catalog, covering household appliances, food, medicine, protective equipment and other products.

The 11th member representative meeting of the company's trade union was successfully held

On the afternoon of June 19, the eleventh member congress of the company's trade union kicked off with the solemn national anthem. The chairman of the trade union Mai Muzhen delivered a report entitled "Building Bridges and Bonds to Promote Harmonious Development", reviewing the achievements of the current trade union in safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, assisting in difficulties, and enhancing cohesion. Subsequently, the conference elected Mai Muzhen, Li Fanyong, Yu Liuxian, Chen Yuanming, Chen Tongmei, Gao Guojin, Huang Junsen, Liang Meinong, Liang Xiaoya, Peng Jianglan and other eleven comrades as members of the new trade union; Yu Liuxian, Hu Kuanlan, Liang Mei Three comrades Nong were members of the new funding review committee; Comrade Mai Muzhen was elected as the new chairman of the labor union. Hu Zhenhua, deputy secretary of the company’s party committee and deputy general manager, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

The enterprise key laboratory was established and the first academic committee meeting was held

In order to carry out the basic research on the application of new polyamide 6 fiber materials and the research and promotion of common key technologies, broaden its application fields and increase the added value of products, the company was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology to establish a key enterprise laboratory. The laboratory has established four research groups for basic research on the design and processing technology of new polyamide 6 fiber functional materials, new civilian polyamide 6 fiber functional materials, military special polyamide fiber functional fibers, and standardization of new polyamide 6 fiber functional materials.

Leaders of Gaoping District, Nanchong visited Meida

On June 11th, He Yuanbiao, Deputy District Chief of Gaoping District, Nanchong City, led a team to inspect the company. The inspection team included Guo Min, general manager, Hu Zhenhua, deputy general manager, Zou Chengcheng, Luo Biao, director of the General Manager Office, and general manager of Nanchong Meihua Accompanied by He Zhiyong, he visited the production workshop and product exhibition hall. Mr. Guo introduced to the inspection team the future industrial development of Meida, as well as the strategic concept of new projects in the southwest and establishment of industrial clusters. Deputy District Mayor He Yuanbiao expressed his expectation that Mida will continue to cultivate in Nanchong and expand the scale of the industry. The relevant departments must provide services for attracting investment and strive for more preferential policies for Mida.

Guo Jianhong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jiangmen Municipal People's Congress, visited our company for investigation

On June 10th, Guo Jianhong, a member of the Standing Committee of Jiangmen Municipal People’s Congress and Deputy Director, visited our company to conduct research and listen to the company’s future development plans. The research team and the company’s general manager Guo Min, deputy general manager Hu Zhenhua, and director Luo Biao Start a discussion. At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Hu Zhenhua introduced the company's development history and the impact of Sino-US trade and the new crown epidemic on production and operation. Mr. Guo also reported to the research team on Mida's future development ideas, especially the research and development and production of high-strength fibers, GRS recycled products, and medical protection products. Afterwards, Deputy Director Guo Jianhong visited the company's product exhibition hall and learned about the application of the company's new products in the market. He fully affirmed Meida's future work ideas. The participants included investigators from relevant departments of Jiangmen City, the People's Congress of Xinhui District, and relevant departments.

The labor union distributes "June 1" Children's Day gifts to employees' children

Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, this year's "June 1" Children's Day, the company's labor union suspended large-scale parent-child activities. On the morning of June 1st, more than 700 gifts were prepared to send holiday blessings to the children of employees and wish them a healthy and happy holiday.

"Dalilun" appeared in the green fiber product certification online release event

On May 28th, the "Green Life Starts from Fiber", an online release event for green fiber product certification sponsored by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, was held. The models on the release show made a stunning appearance on the company’s "Dalilun" fiber production. Swimwear series products. As the first batch of domestic chemical fiber enterprises to obtain green fiber certification, Meida has been at the forefront of the research and development and industrialization of raw liquid colored fiber, providing comfortable, safe and fashionable products for brand owners and consumers to jointly practice the concept of green development.

The leaders of Jiangmen Federation of Trade Unions came to our company to investigate the work of the trade union

On the afternoon of May 13, Cai Hanwen, executive vice chairman of the Jiangmen Federation of Trade Unions, led the leaders of the District Federation of Trade Unions to our company to investigate and help the company resume work and production. The chairman of the company’s labor union, Mai Muzhen, reported on the company’s production, employment, and humanistic care during the epidemic prevention and control period, and proposed to the research team to reduce or exempt employment security funds for the disabled, increase the return of labor union funds, and provide separate assistance for employees in special difficulties, etc. Suggestions to alleviate the practical difficulties of enterprises. Vice Chairman Cai listened to the report and affirmed the achievements of our trade union work. He said that he would help enterprises to tide over the difficulties as much as possible, and put forward three guiding opinions on the special work of the trade union in the future: 1. Do a good job in maintaining stability before the National Congress and the National Congress; 2. The grassroots trade unions should keep abreast of the dynamics of employees, and do a good job of mediation and psychological counseling of employees; 3. Focus on the work of investigating and solving difficulties for employees in difficulties.

The company awarded He Jiewei the title of "Spiritual Civilization Star"

The deeds of He Jiewei's brave deeds, reported by Xinhui TV Station, received high attention and unanimous praise from the society. He Jiewei, an electrician in the company, rescued a girl who accidentally got stuck on the second floor anti-theft net in a residential building on Mingxing Road, Xinhui on the morning of May 7. The company commended He Jiewei for his deeds of righteousness and courage, awarded him the "Star of Spiritual Civilization", and at the same time called on all employees to use him as an example, strive to be a good citizen and good employee, and practice "Being more than virtue , Honesty in Faith, and Sensitivity in Action" Guangdong spirit in the new era.

Nanchong Meihua launches "May 4th" team building activities

On the afternoon of May 4th, the sun was blazing, and the Nanchong Meihua Youth League Committee launched the "May Fourth" Youth Day League Building activities, which were carried out in the form of seminars and voluntary activities. At the symposium, everyone watched the education video of the "May Fourth Movement" together, felt the patriotism of the ancestors, and exchanged views on the topic of personal experience in fighting the epidemic and work experience in resuming work and production. Afterwards, the team members came to the garden next to the high-voltage station in the factory area to clean up dead leaves, pull up weeds, and remove garbage. It took nearly two hours to restore the garden to its cleanliness and beauty.

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